About Flightpath

Frustrated with the inconvenience, stress, and extended wait times at airports?

Flightpath puts you in control by providing you with a safe, efficient and exquisite way to travel. Our personalized travel services look after your every comfort in the highest level of luxury possible. We offer more than just chartered flight services; we also handle aircraft maintenance and can even help you find the right aircraft to purchase. Managing your journey is our specialty.

Flightpath’s Charter Services provide you with the opportunity to travel in better than first class fashion, catering to all your unique travel needs. We'll facilitate access to any destination, at any time, in North America and beyond. Whether you need a flight out of your home airport or any of our satellite bases across Canada, we will cater to your unique travel requirements.

Our professional team strives to exceed your discerning travel expectations. If your business travel plans suddenly change, we offer you the flexibility to make changes without expensive last minute costs. 

All of our private jets are fully equipped for hassle-free luxury travel regardless of the category you choose.

Our Phenom 100 jet comfortably fits 4 passengers and is the benchmark for all jets in its class. We offer a fleet of private aircraft in a range of sizes, each comfortably accommodating between 1 to 150 passengers.

Flightpath's knowledgeable and expert Aircraft Management Services undertake the worry-free management of your aircraft. Our team of highly-trained industry experts is conveniently available to handle all aspects of servicing, maintaining and storing your plane. Enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership without having to worry about the operational management aspects. And for true versatility, our dedicated team extends their management services across North America. 

Looking to buy your first plane or upgrade your current aircraft?

We're standing by to facilitate all steps in the process, from consulting with you on your requirements to providing brokerage services. With Flightpath at your side, acquiring a private aircraft has never been easier.

For a shared aircraft solution, Flightpath’s private membership program gives you the benefits of owning a jet without the associated financial or maintenance requirements. Enjoy the flexibility that comes with guaranteed flying hours and access to our fleet, knowing that your shared jet will be at your disposal when you need it.

At Flightpath, we understand that your time is precious. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, on your own jet or on one of our luxurious aircraft, we're ready to ensure your journey is as efficient and comfortable as possible. Experience the joy of traveling on your own terms, without the hassle of flying commercially.

Find peace of mind through your journey with Flightpath. Contact Flightpath today for a quote tailored specifically to your unique travel needs.