Aircraft Maintenance Vancouver

Aircraft maintenance and Private jet charter vancouverFlightpath provides aircraft management and maintenance services in British Columbia. If your business is based in British Columbia and requires corporate travel, you may have already invested in a private aircraft. Once you have taken this step, Flightpath can look after your aircraft management requirements.

Vancouver is Flightpath’s home base in the British Columbia region and our team of experts manages your aircraft out of this central location.

Our focus is on your safety and to ensure your aircraft is ready to take off when you need to take a trip. That is why our management services focus on safety and maximizing on your aircraft's value. Because our specialists are trained in aircraft maintenance for a diverse clientele, we offer unparalleled expertise to all of our maintenance clients, whether you are new to the business or have more than one aircraft.

Our team ensures routine and scheduled maintenance and inspections are of the highest standards and are accustomed to major repairs if the aircraft requires the service. We offer the following services at our Vancouver location:

  • Flight crew management and training compliance
  • Financial and administrative management of your investment
  • Trip management
  • Top quality maintenance
  • Risk management of your investment

Contact Flightpath’s specialists to hand over the maintenance requirements of your private jet or fleet to our trusted team in Vancouver or Waterloo.