Private Plane Brokerage

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When selecting a new private jet, it is critical to make an informed decision that considers and prioritizes your unique needs. Flightpath’s team of consultants use our research and aviation expertise to select aircraft that will not only exceed your demands, but also indulge the all-important “wants” that can take a private jet from a convenient utility to a fantastic experience every time you step aboard.

We provide acquisition services

When you are ready to start the process of purchasing an aircraft, we’ve already completed the most difficult step – initial research. Our experts know the aircraft market inside out and will find a jet that meets your requirements while fitting within your budget. Our team has an unparalleled understanding of the pricing and acquisition models for new aircraft. We also ensure the aircraft is well-maintained and inspect it before purchase to ensure you’re not caught off guard by any deficiencies in the jet.  We’ll happily negotiate the terms of the sale on your behalf, ensuring you get the best price on the market and allowing protection of your privacy when making the purchase.

We provide aircraft sales services

When you’re ready to upgrade or replace your current aircraft, Flightpath is ready to guide you through every step of the resale process. From advertising the sale on proper channels to thorough marketing analysis and research, we will find a buyer at your target price. We have significant background in the resale market and have an unrivaled understanding of the audience we’re targeting. We’ll negotiate based on the current market for your aircraft to ensure you get a fair price every time.

We provide charter brokerage services

If you’re looking to supplement your travel with charter services, Flightpath is available to ensure you have access to the right aircraft at the right price, with the personalized service you, your family, and your colleagues deserve. We can arrange charters, from large jets to helicopters, on short notice! With the ability to travel almost anywhere in the world, Flightpath is always ready to help you start your journey!

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