Buying and Selling Used Beechcraft Aircraft

The Beechcraft Corporation started under the leadership of Walter H. and Olive Ann Beech in Wichita, Kansas, the aviation capital of America. The aircraft manufacturing company started with the production of turboprop jets and piston aircraft, but has a bit of a turbulent history over the last 10 years.

Multiple mergers and changes in leadership resulted in the company finally bought out by leading aviation company, Textron in 2014. What you get when you buy a Beechcraft plane is business-class turboprops, and reliable Hawker jets.

The manufacturer is most-known for the King Air, which celebrated their 52th anniversary this year. The aircraft, which can seat 5 to 9 passengers, is utilized as an executive aircraft, air ambulance and a regional airliner. It’s success in these departments comes from the fact that is affordable and reliable compared to other aircrafts in this category. Even if you’re buying a used Beechcraft King Air for sale, you can still get a 1,500 nautical miles flight range for a smaller price tag compared to other aircrafts in this category.

Whether you want to purchase a used Beechcraft for sale or are looking to get a quote on a Hawker for sale, contact Flightpath and we’ll be sure and find the right aircraft for your travel requirements.