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Charter Flights ChicagoAirport in Chicago

With Flightpath’s private charter flight to Chicago, arrive at O’Hare International Airport  located in the Northwest side of Chicago. The commute from the airport to the Chicago Loop is just under an hour’s drive away.

Travel to Chicago

Chicago is located on the southwestern bay of Lake Michigan and is one of the largest cities in the United States of America. With over 40 million visitors per year, Chicago attracts people for businesses, leisure and sports. The city has some of the most unique architecture in the United States and is home to the Sears Tower, a 1,450 foot tower, the largest building in North America and the 3rd largest in the World.

Whether you’re interested in taking a architectural-history tour or dining at the most popular molecular-gastronomy restaurant in the USA, Chicago’s rich heritage and delectable restaurants have something to offer for everyone. The city is known for housing the largest and most extensive Impressionist and Post-Impressionists paintings in the world at The Art Institute of Chicago. The vibrant arts and culture scene in the city is benefited by the city’s ethnically-diverse residents.

Whether you are traveling to Chicago or Quebec for business or pleasure, let Flightpath take you there. Experience this high-quality of life city with Flightpath’s first-class private charter flights to Chicago.