Charter Flight Services

air charter service

Do you want to travel in comfort and style for your next business, family vacation or personal trip? Choose Flightpath to take charge of your travel needs.

How would you like to fly to your next destination? Avoid the long lines, crowded terminals and delays associated with commercial airline travel. Imagine the freedom of easy free parking, the warmth of being greeted at the exclusive executive terminal, and the convenience of stepping right onboard.

Travel to any destination worldwide luxuriously and on your own schedule, along with the benefit of convenient ground transportation to and from your aircraft. Experience the world-class upgrade that Flightpath has brought to travel across the globe, and discover for yourself the endless possibilities our private charter plane services bring.

We understand how precious your time is, and Flightpath’s charter flights give you the ability to control your own schedule. As a business professional, efficiency and quality are both key when organizing travel plans and Flightpath conveniently offers both. When you're ready to take flight, choose the charter company that excels at corporate and personal travel and reduce your travel time by leaving those long lines behind.

Let our team of professionals help you make the most of your time by removing obstacles from your travel plans. Our program gives you access to our fleet of aircraft with as little as 24hours notice. Or book a chartered flight up to 90 days in advance to ensure maximum availability. And if you’re looking for last-minute flights, our empty leg finder can help you maximize your travel budget.

We offer worldwide charter flightsacross the globe (certain restrictions apply due to ongoing international travel warnings). Land at any one of our exciting featured locations including Chicago, New York, Las Vegas or Miami. Best of all, through Flightpath’s block charter program, you'll always have the access to the aircraft of your choice, for as long as you need it.

Settle into the ergonomic leather seats of our very light jet, the Phenom 100, or book a helicopter tour of Las Vegas. With Flightpath the choice is yours!

If a certain jet is booked for your travel dates, our affiliated organizations are ready to assist in providing a substitute aircraft to ensure you are set to travel on your schedule.

Leave all your travel woes behind and let Flightpath take you where you want to go.