Corporate and Business Charter Flights

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When managing a business, it can be difficult to ensure that you arrive at a destination on time, let alone a dozen of your colleagues and business partners. Different schedules, departure locations, and the need to get home at different times can make flying commercial an almost impossible task. At Flightpath, we understand the importance of efficiency and flexibility and ensure that we make planning travel as smooth as possible with our corporate and business charter flights. Let your team focus on the important business at hand and leave the rest to us!

Flightpath’s efficient corporate charter flights save you time. 

Planning a meeting with multiple stakeholders requires a great deal of planning. Ensuring that all parties are ready at the arranged time and date can mean the difference between closing a multimillion dollar deal or leaving a significant opportunity on the table. When many of those stakeholders have to fly commercially, any number of circumstances can derail the best laid plans – delays at security, cancelled flights, and issues with border control can all result in cancelled meetings and missed opportunities. When you arrange a business charter flight with Flightpath, you can eliminate these issues all at once. We will ensure you’re brought directly to a private terminal, which allows you to skip the lines at security and will have your documents processed in time.

Experience a personalized, comfortable experience with Flightpath business charter flights. 

When you step off a plane after a long flight, it can be difficult to be functioning at 100%. However, for many business travellers, any sort of jetlag or unpreparedness is simply not an option. Eliminate the rigors of flying on a standard commercial flight by enjoying first-class service and accommodation on a Flightpath corporate charter flight. You’ll have access to state of the art amenities, comfortable seating, WiFi, and access to multimedia outlets to ensure you’re well rested and prepared for the day ahead. Your comfort is a top priority when travelling with Flightpath.

Have a meeting that’s been rescheduled or an emergency situation that requires a quick booking? Check the listings on our empty leg finder to see if we have flights that can accommodate your needs! Otherwise, contact a Flightpath representative today to receive a quote for your next business charter flight. We’re looking forward to making your next trip a pleasant one!

Whether you’re looking for a list minute flight on our empty leg finder or booking for your next getaway, let us take care of all your travel needs. Contact Flightpath today for a quote for your next business trip.