Buying and Selling Used Gulfstream Aircraft

Flightpath can acquire a jet for you if you’re looking for Gulfstreams for sale. The company’s aerospace is based in Savannah, Georgia. The company started off with military aircraft production under the name of Grumman and was renamed Gulfstream in 1968. This was when they began producing business jets including the G200 and G450.

Known for their trademark wide, oval windows, the G200 and G450 are the most popular models in the mid-sized jet class so if you’re buying a Gulfstream, you can trust that these jets will provide you comfort and ease.

The aircraft manufacturing company also began producing larger, long range jets including the G5 and the G650ER. The G5 was the pioneer ultra long range jet, offering a range of 6,500 nautical mile and comfortably seating 14 passengers. THe G650ER on the other hand is the business jet that can take you the furthest, the fastest at a range of 7,500 nautical miles per tank and can accommodate up to eight passengers. The jets additional range capability means that you can fly from coast to coast, without stopping over to refuel the aircraft more than once. You can go as far as from New York or Atlanta to Dubai and not need to constantly stop over to refuel.

Cabins in Gulfstream jets provide you a balance of comfortable form and function, so it can be suited to accommodate a conference space or provide a luxurious and relaxing trip between your destinations.

If you seek further information about the different Gulfstream models for sale or are interested in the price of an Embraer, contact Flightpath’s travel experts.