Buying and Selling Used Hawker Aircraft

Hawker Aircraft Limited has been producing aircrafts since right after the First World War and was renamed from H.G. Hawker Engineering to Hawker Aircraft Limited in 1933. Today, the company’s legacy is maintained by Textron, an American-based business jet manufacturer.

Hawker became a part of the Textron Aviation family, along with Beechcraft and Cessna aircrafts. The merger brought these brands and products together to a combined install base of over 250,000 aircrafts. If you’re in search of a Hawker jet for sale, Hawker 800 is a mid-size twin-engine aircraft assembled by Hawker Beechcraft, after the merger, that can fit anywhere from 8 to 13 passengers. The jet offers a 2,642 nautical mile range and is manufactured out of their main site in Wichita, Kansas.

The Hawker 900XP can fit 6 to 8 passengers with a 3,202 nautical mile range and is great for if you’re looking for a used Hawker to get you across North America. The jet’s spacious cabin provides you the comfort of a conference room in the air, but is also a great purchase if you’re seeking a jet for personal trips.

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