Heavy Jets And Aircrafts

jets for saleFlightpath’s heavy jet of choice is the Challenger 604, designed by Bombardier with the primary goal of passenger comfort. The 8.2 foot wide cabin can accommodate 10 passengers anywhere from the east coast to the west coast, non-stop. The heavy jet is one of the most popular long-range business jets on the charter market due to its fuel-efficiency, versatile performance and powerful engines.

This heavy jet is top-of-the-line with better maintainability and reliable flight systems than other models in this class. The Challenger 604 comfortably accommodates up to 10 passengers, if you’re looking to take a larger business team to a conference or meeting. This heavy jet is well-suited for pleasant cross-country trips under even severe weather conditions.

The aircraft’s interior, wide cabin is designed to keep passengers relaxed and allows them the option of staying connected. You can choose to work on-flight and increase personal productivity enroute a meeting, or stretch your legs and relax in the spacious cabin on your way to your destination. The aircraft’s high-definition built in monitors give you the flexibility of entertaining yourself on the flight or getting down to business.

Upgrade to first-class travel with Flightpath’s Challenger 601, Turbo Prop or any of our other aircrafts including helicopters. Discover world-class travel with this next-generation design and comfort. Contact our experts at Flightpath for a quote for our heavy jet.