Aircraft Maintenance and Servicing Locations

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No matter where you reside in Canada -from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island -the team at Flightpath is able to offer first-class aircraft maintenance and management services to ensure your investment is well protected.

Flightpath aims to deliver a seamless experience for our clients, whether travelling for business or vacationing with your family. Our teamisexperienced with managing a variety of aircraft andis well versed in North American service requirements for corporate and private aircraft. We work with all aircraft classes, so no matter which one you choose you’ll have a trusted partner ensuring it’s always in premium condition.

We have specialists available across Canada , in locations including, but not limited to:

Once you experience the convenience of flying on a private aircraft you’ll never go back to traveling by airline.Enlist our team of experts so that we can protect your investment, while you enjoy the benefits of private travel without any of the maintenance or operational hassle.

Whether you are looking to fly out of one of our featured locations or would like to add your aircraft to the fleet we already manage, contact Flightpath today to take advantage ofour maintenance services.