Mid Sized Jets And Aircrafts

private jet charter pricesThe Gulfstream G200, Flightpath’s mid size jet, flies farther at a higher speed than any other midsize business aircraft and can get you from Toronto to Vancouver in 6 hours. This reliable aircraft balances comfort and exceptional standards.

Designed with the business traveler in mind, this spacious midsize jet is spacious enough for you to enjoy a relaxing ride or prepare for the meeting you are on your way to. The G200’s spacious cabin comfortably seats 7 passengers and comfortably sleeps 3 passengers.

Shape is an important area of focus in this aircraft’s windows, which are oval to allow for natural sunlight and create a sense of openness. The aircraft exceeds your expectations for first-class luxurious travel with comfortable seats that have full-movement capability. The mid size jet also has the option of a radio phone, entertainment system and power outlets for any piece of office equipment you need to plug in and connect to. There is an outlet for each one of your business team members, if you require one.

The Gulfstream G200 has everything you could want from a private jet: great range, large cabin size and fast speed. It is the best jet for making long-range journeys seem quick and extremely comfortable. Contact our experts at Flightpath for a quote for our medium jet or Model F aircrafts.