Needs Analysis

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Whether you plan to use a jet for corporate or personal travel, you will have requirements that are specific to your travel needs. Flightpath works with you to determine what solutions will best fit those needs to ensure you’re satisfied with your experience every time you come aboard one of our chartered jets.

To determine which chartered aircraft will best suit your needs, we will review the following:

Your Travel History

Our consultants will review the frequency with which you travel and your most frequented locations to determine if you would be better suited to purchase a jet or purchase time through our block charter program. Another important consideration is determining the number of people who frequently travel with you. Whether you are travelling with family, clients, or coworkers, it is important to consider any particular travel needs others may have that will go into determining what aircraft will be suit your party. If your purpose is for regular business travel, we will also factor in whether you need to consider purchasing more than one corporate jet to ensure your team is reaching their destinations as efficiently as possible.

Suitable Aircraft for your Needs

After completing a thorough analysis of your travel needs, we will create a shortlist of the most appropriate aircraft that fit your expectations, while being mindful of your budget. In the event that you need multiple aircraft, we will also review the different needs of your parties to ensure that you have solutions tailored to their specific requirements. During every aircraft comparison, we will consider the performance, cost, selection of amenities, and other features that make the difference between standard travel and a unique experience.

Financial Analysis

Once we’ve determined your travel requirements, Flightpath will undertake a thorough cost analysis to determine what aircraft are available within your budget. Should you need to purchase a corporate aircraft, we’ll work with your finance department to ensure all fiscal concerns are addressed before purchase.

Aircraft Solutions Tailored to your Needs

Every business and individual is unique and your aircraft should reflect that. Contact the team at Flightpath and our representatives will begin the process of finding a solution that will make you look forward to your next flight!