Negotiating Private Jet Rates

private jet charter prices

Whether you are purchasing your first aircraft or are looking to sell your existing aircraft to make an upgrade, the negotiation process can be complicated and time-consuming. Let the team of consultants at Flightpath eliminate the hassle of negotiating your deal so you can focus on what really matters – enjoying your new private jet!

Once Flightpath has assisted you in selecting an aircraft that will best meet your needs and budget, we will prepare a negotiation strategy to ensure you receive a fair price without any hidden costs or conditions. Flightpath consultants have extensive expertise in negotiating aircraft sales, including but not limited to:

  • Turboprops
  • Helicopters
  • Very light jets
  • Mid-sized jets
  • Heavy jets

Our team of experts hasvast knowledge of the aircraft marketplace and understands the minute details involved in acquisition of a new jet. We will ensure that whether you are purchasing or selling an aircraft, you receive the best price available on the market.

Our consultation services for purchase and sale agreements also minimize your overall risk. After a thorough analysis, Flightpath commits to finding you the perfectaircraft that not only guaranteesyour needs are met, but that you also have the amenities you need to make each flight a memorable experience. We will ensure all due diligence is complete and that Request for Information, Request for Proposals, and any other necessary paperwork for your sale is completed in full.

Contact the team at Flightpath to begin the sales process to get you up in the skies in no time!