Personal and Family Charter Flights

At Flightpath, we understand that quality time with your friends and family is important, regardless of how hectic your schedule gets. That is why we believe our personal and family charter flights are just the answer to bring you all together.

Our private jet services for personal and family charter flights can accommodate any number of passengers all across North America. We extend the same efficient, flexible and professional services to your family and friends that we offer to our corporate clientele.

If we depart from Toronto and you would like to pick up another family member along the way from Montreal, our team of experts can make it happen while you maximize your enjoyment of flying on a private charter flight.

Hiring a private charter flight for your family vacation allows you to spend every precious moment of your trip with the ones you love. The moment you arrive at a private terminal and board that plane, you are spending quality time with each other.

Your friends and family will be your only concern on this trip. And your daughter can take as many outfits as her suitcase can fit, without worrying about lost bags on your family vacation.

Our managers will ensure the same personalized service for you and your children. All you have to do is pick a vacation destination and date and we will take care of the rest. At Flightpath, we prioritize your family’s safety as well as comfort.

Whether you are flying to Florida to escape the cold or would like to fly your daughter and her friends to New York for her birthday weekend, Flightpath’s personal and family charters will ensure a safe journey for your loved ones.