Private Jet Plane Rental Pricing

Personalized services

As our clients, you are Flightpath’s main priority. Our goal is to provide you with customized services that cater to your specific travel requirements across North America. Our managers familiarize themselves with your needs as a client and ensure that our services meet the highest standards, whether we manage your aircraft or you are interested in a private plane rental.


By using Flightpath’s private plane rental services, you have flexibility and control of how you travel and when you travel. We take your schedule and dates into account and our managers work to accommodate according to your travel needs. As long as we have a jet available, we can take you wherever you’d like, whenever you need.


We ensure that your business team and family members are flying on aircrafts that have superior safety standards. We prioritize your safety and security and are committed to you, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.


Our professional team respects your privacy and our services are completely private and discreet. Whether you’re taking a business trip or a family vacation, we respect your privacy.


By flying on a private aircraft, you are saving time by avoiding long airport security lines, customs check-ins. You will no longer have to leave hours in advance to catch your flight. Arrive at a private terminal just in time to fly out to your destination and receive the best service onboard our flights.

Direct flights

Avoid the inconvenience of commercial travel flights with unnecessary stopovers. Always fly first-class with Flightpath’s private charter flights directly to your destination without any delay or disruptions.

Boardroom on board

Not only do you get the comfort of traveling in spacious aircraft cabins aboard our private planes, you can conduct business while you travel. You have the same privacy and accessibility to your team on our aircrafts whether you need a quick meeting or respond to emails while flying.