Turbo Prop Planes

toronto aircraft maintenanceFlightpath’s choice of Turbo Propeller plane is the Beechcraft King Air 200, which sets the benchmark high for other aircrafts in this category. The aircraft is one of the lightest and combines the use of twin propellers and turbine engines. The best of the best in class range and efficiency, this aircraft can take more passengers and a substantial amount of cargo further. This aircraft is ideal for short to mid-range flights, it uses less fuel to get your business team to important meetings and events, wherever that might be.

This turbo prop aircraft comfortably accommodates 8 passengers and can travel upto 500 kilometers an hour. The aircraft’s rugged, strong exterior has gained it the title of SUVs of airplanes. Our turbo prop plane’s propellers are able to reverse pitch that allows the aircraft to slow down to land on runway lengths as short as 2,5000 ft.

The interior is designed so that you can be productive or relax. The finely crafted leather seats swivel and recline to suit your comfort and the dimmable window shades are designed to increase productivity. Discover world-class travel with this next-generation design and comfort. Contact our experts at Flightpath for a quote for our Turbo Prop, our Light Jet or our various other aircrafts.