Types of Private Jets

private jet charters

Whether you’re a regular traveller or planning your first trip on a private jet, you want to ensure that the aircraft you select is not only large enough to accommodate your party, but also meets the standards of first-class travel you’d expect from flying private. Whether you’re looking for a light jet or a helicopter, Flightpath has a wide selection that will get you to your destination on time, comfortably and at a competitive rate.

When choosing an aircraft suited for corporate charter flights, we ensure we select aircraft that are designed to meet the expectations of a highly discerning business traveller. Whether you need to relax before an important conference or need a multimedia center to brief the rest of the team on the way to your destination, our variety of private planes will meet all your criteria.

Flightpath’saircraft can accommodate a family of four ready to jet off to a European vacation to a 12 man team of professionals on their way to an Asian summit. The high-quality interior and amenities of our jets ensure that you receive an exclusive, first-class experience every time you fly with us.

Flightpath is a leader in the industry for our exceptional, one-on-one customer service and our international fleet of aircraft are available to take you anywhere you want to go in the world!*

Our selections of aircraft - from helicopters all the way to heavy jets - are all designed to ensure you are travelling in the highest standard of luxury and comfort. Click on the links below to learn more about the different type of aircraft you can choose from to depart on your next vacation or business meeting:

Are you still unsure of the right aircraft for you? Contact a representative at Flightpath who will be only too happy to assist you in choosing the perfect private jet or helicopter to ensure your trip gets started on the right foot!

*Some restrictions apply due to international travel advisories