Why Buy a Private Jet for Business?

Purchasing a business aircraft can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but one that can ultimately pay dividends for you and your stakeholders for many years to come. We work with clients to select the corporate jet that best suits your company’s needs, andadvise you on current market conditions and cost considerations so you’re able to make an informed decision. Our services extend beyond the initial purchase - we can also arrange ongoing maintenance and storage of your jet, ensuring your investment is always in good hands.

A common rule of thumb in private aviation circles:if your business demands 200 or more hours of travel per year, it is an economically sound decision to invest in a private jet.

However, a critical consideration when beginning to consider the purchase of a private jet is your organization’s currenttravel patterns and projected future demands. If your company needs to efficiently transport individuals as well as large groups, requires occasional travel to remote airports with short or unpaved runways, or for a multitude of other reasons, it may not make sense to depend on only one aircraft.Your organization may be better served by becoming a member of our block charter flight program, which allows companies to purchase packages of 25 to200 flight hours per year.

At Flightpath, you can be confident that you’re working with a team that has your company’s best interests in mind when making an aircraft purchase. Connect with a representative today to determine whether a corporate jet is the right fit for you, and about how we can make your jet purchase a rewarding experience!